How to Save More And Win More While Gambling

The whole idea about gambling is that you get to win more than you would have invested. There are plenty of gamblers who have managed to win millions after investing a few cents. But, we know that not everyone can get to b that lucky. Therefore, we have come up with ways that every gambler can get to save more while gambling.

Use Your Bonuses

Many online casinos give extra bonuses when people sign up for their accounts or use the various features offered by the website. These bonuses differ in percentage and how much you get per time period. Some sites offer bonuses that range from 100% all the way to 1000%. Depending on the amount of playing that you do on your account, these bonuses will either be paid out to your account instantly or could take some time.

Once this bonus has been applied and played through using your cash, then you may want to continue playing to receive additional bonuses. This means that if you play slots for one hour, then you might receive an instant bonus and double your bet. If you play 50 minutes though, you may receive a 10% bonus but doubling your bets only allows you to increase them by 5%, so it’s best to stick around longer as long as you can afford to do so. Of course, if you find that there aren’t any new bonuses available, then make sure that you still keep track of the ones that you already have in order to ensure that you maximize the amount that you earn.

Set Up A Budget

When you first open an account at an online casino, they usually ask you what kind of budget you need to set up a savings plan for you. Typically most sites will suggest between $20-$40 per week. However, this number really depends upon which site you choose. When it comes to real money casinos, many of the major brands will ask you how much you think that you’ll spend each month and try to help you set down an appropriate amount that will allow for saving. But, again, there’s no hard and fast rule, because a lot of players end up spending more than planned due to the excitement that accompanies winning.

It is important to remember that you don’t have to spend everything that you win. You can decide on a budget that meets your expectations and still saves enough money so that you won’t feel short-changed.

Look For Free Spins

One thing that all online casinos share is the fact that you can enter into free spins. The main difference between free games and real money games is that free spin wins are only valid for three days. After that, the tokens expire and must be wagered before you can get another chance. If you are planning to sit at home and wait until you hit big paydays, then this is definitely something that you should look forward to. Once you get three consecutive wins during those three day periods, then you are allowed to deposit funds into your account. However, once you deposit money, then you lose the chance to enjoy any other type of game except scratch cards and video poker.

Keep Track Of Play Time

Many online casinos provide specific times for you to login in order to check how much you’ve spent betting in real-life currency. Typically, these times vary depending on whether you opened a new account or not. Some websites also provide information regarding how many hours you’ve put into playing. Most providers will tell you that you cannot carry over winnings when it comes to different gaming platforms, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t save your earnings. Even if there are no opportunities left for you to gain additional bonuses, you should still keep track of your current balance. By doing this consistently, you’re able to monitor how successful you’ve been with your gambling strategies.

Gifting Is Great!

If you’re looking for ways to reward yourself for playing at a particular website, then why not consider giving some of your winnings away? There are plenty of gift card options out there that you can use to purchase items from various retailers. This means that you’re able to give yourself a little treat without having to blow through your entire bankroll.


There are lots of things that you can do while you’re playing at an online casino. It’s important to make sure that you’re aware of all of them and that you know exactly how to maximize your chances of success. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the basics of playing at a real money casino. Now, all you have to do is take action and start making some serious cash.